Vätternrundan becomes

  • Cross the finish line of your ride where you live

    Whatever you do, do not stop pedaling. Reach your goal! Between June 5th–13th anyone who is registered for any of one of Vätternrundan’s events can register their cycled miles and still get to the finish line – but on the roads where you live.

    1. 1. Cycle your event

      Indoors or outdoors. During one day, or several days; the choice is yours. The time you have in which to amass your total distance are the dates of the ’Bike Week’ between 5th–13th June 2020.

    2. 2. Register

      Use your smartphone, smart watch or cycle computer to log your miles. You can register your completed ride at any time between the dates of 5th–14th June. You can register your ride here at min.vatternrundan.se/en and in the app RaceONE. Read more about how to register your ride further down.

    3. 3. Get your diploma and medal

      When you have reached your goal and registered your ride, you will receive a digital diploma on My Pages and a medal will be sent to you in the post. In addition, you will have a chance to win great prizes from Vätternrundan’s sponsors.

    My Vätternrundan – From the start spot to the finish line

    • Start card

      For registered participants of a 2020 Vätternrundan event, this can be found on My Pages from June 2nd. The start card contains information about your race/s including your start number. Your start number is needed when it is time to register your ride.

    • Start and finish

      You start and finish where ever you happen to be. If you are planning to ride with someone else be sure to keep a safe distance and follow carefully the recommendations from the Public Health Authority.

    • Register your ride at min.vatternrundan.se/en

      1. Use your smart phone, smart watch or cycle computer when you ride during the cycle week (5th–13th June).
      2. Register your ride via the form that is available here between June 5th–14th. Enter your customer number , start number and which ride you have finished. You can choose to either upload your gpx-file or take a picture of your cycle computer as proof of your completed ride.
      3. Your ride is now registered on My Pages. Now it’s just to wait for you medal and diploma.
    • Register your event on RaceONE

      1. Download the RaceONE-app and create an account, if you haven’t already done so.
      2. Register as a particpant to your event in the app. Your start number is connected to your event automatically in RaceONE.
      3. Choose if you wish to ride your event live with the RaceONE-app or if you wish to upload it later from your cycling computer or training app afterwards.
      4. You choose when, during the cycling week, you will ride your event (5th–13th juni). Good luck and keep cycling!
      5. Your ride is now registered on My Pages. Now it’s just to wait for you medal and diploma.

    Share #myvatternrundan

    Now that we can’t meet up as planned in Motala we’ll just have to celebrate our cycling adventure digitally instead. Tag your posts and share your journey as you head to the finish line from where you ride.

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